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Is your business ready to “Go Green”?  Recycling is not only the right thing to do to protect the environment, it can also be an excellent way for your business to reduce its overall cost for waste removal.  Allied Waste Services of Nashville provides commercial recycling services to businesses all over middle Tennessee.  Whether you’re a small business that produces a few cardboard boxes each week or a large facility that generates plastic, paper, cardboard, aluminum, shrink wrap, etc., one of our representatives can tailor a recycling program to fit your needs.  We offer recycling services in the form of weekly pickup on standard dumpsters to large compactors and rolloff containers.

Examples of items that can be recycled:

1. Paper Products

Recyclable papers include:
- Newspapers, magazines, file folders, papers (all colors), fax sheets, envelopes, catalogs, small phone books and junk mail
- Corrugated cardboard, box board (such as cereal, cracker, tissue, and shoe boxes).

2. Container Products

Recyclable container products include:
- Aluminum beverage cans and tin/steel cans
- Glass bottles and jars – three colors only (brown, green, clear)
- Plastic bottles with a neck such as soda bottles, laundry products, etc.

Please DO NOT recycle the following items:
- Food tainted items: pizza boxes, frozen food boxes, cups, coffee filters, paper towels, napkins, beverage and pop cartons, waxed paper, juice boxes, aluminum foil, plastic wrap, plastic bags, silverware, and plastic tubs.
- Chemically tainted items: aerosol cans, paint cans, motor oil or gas containers.
- Bathroom/household items: razors, needles, light bulbs, plastic bags, and medicine containers.
- Foam items: cups, plates and packaging materials.
- Other items: ceramics, steel and household glasses.
- Plastic bags
- Clear plastic packaging (strawberries, etc.)


Contact one of our Sales Representatives today to arrange a waste/recycling audit.  There are two ways to contact us:

1. Call our local sales office at the phone number listed below.

Allied Waste Services of Nashville - (615) 244-6250

If you don't know your service area Click Here.

2. Send us an email. Simply fill in the required information and we'll respond to any request within 24 hours. All required information is used for internal purposes only, and will not be shared.


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